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In writing the "About Me" portion of this blog I thought about the purpose of the blog - namely, preventing the growth of Socialism & stopping the Death Of Democracy in the American Republic & returning her to the "liberty to abundance" stage of our history. One word descriptions of people's philosophies or purposes are quite often inadequate. I feel that I am "liberal" meaning that I am broad minded, independent, generous, hospitable, & magnanimous. Under these terms "liberal" is a perfectly good word that has been corrupted over the years to mean the person is a left-winger or as Mark Levin more accurately wrote in his book "Liberty & Tyranny" a "statist" - someone looking for government or state control of society. I am certainly not that & have dedicated the blog to fighting this. I believe that I find what I am when I consider whether or not I am a "conservative" & specifically when I ask what is it that I am trying to conserve? It is the libertarian principles that America was founded upon & originally followed. That is the Return To Excellence that this blog is named for & is all about.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Get Involved - The World Is Run By The Few Who Do

Below is Carol's letter re healthcare reform that was sent to both NJ Senators with a copy to her Congressman. 
As any one who is breathing knows the healthcare reform debate is intensifying & the Democrats may be forced to vote in some healthcare reform plan by a simple Senate majority vote (after it passes the House) thereby ignoring their rules for debate & cloture. 
If healthcare reform is important to you & especially if you think your views may be in the majority with those who want to preserve America's independence from the socialist onslaught of the few who are in power I suggest that you do not remain silent but rather follow Carol's example & let your opinion be heard.  Just let me know if you need any contact information re who to write to or call.

Dear Senator Menendez (& Lautenberg),


This letter is to ask you to vote NO for any of the current health care reform bills being considered in the Senate or in the House that may come to the Senate.  I ask you to do this for the following reasons:


1.      The 47 million people reported to be without health care insurance really number  about 8 to 14 million people after you subtract the people who can afford to buy insurance but CHOOSE not to; people eligible for Medicare but have not signed on; people who are in our country illegally and not eligible for the benefits of legal citizens.  My question is why not address those 8 to 14 million needy Americans instead of changing 1/6th of the US economy?

2.      The U.S. Constitution does not state that the Federal Government provide health care for its citizens.  In fact the 10th Amendment says specifically "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

3.      This new entitlement would further plunge the U.S. into more unsustainable debt.  Currently Social Security and Medicare entitlements are running out of money - even the President acknowledged this to be so this past week at his town hall meetings.  How can we take on more debt?


Please concentrate on these 3 remedies that will enhance citizens' ability to secure affordable health care.


1.      Allow citizens to buy health care insurance policies tailored to meet their needs that they can buy across state lines.  This will increase competition among insurance companies which the Democrat leadership says is so important to affordable health care.

2.      Support health insurance reform plans that allow the individual to determine what kind of insurance they need.  For example, why should I have to pay for an insurance policy that covers pregnancy – I am 59!  Why should a 20 year old buy an insurance policy that pays for a colonoscopy or bone density tests?

3.      Become a co-sponsor of the FairTax, S-296.  Among its many benefits the FairTax will eliminate all tax loopholes and will allow employees to receive their entire paychecks free of federal taxes thereby allowing people to keep more of what they earn to spend as they choose.


The United States is a country founded on the principles of limited government, self-responsibility, and free markets.  Please promote these 3 principles in the legislation you support and then you will allow all Americans to have a better life because they themselves will be enabled to make it so.


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