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In writing the "About Me" portion of this blog I thought about the purpose of the blog - namely, preventing the growth of Socialism & stopping the Death Of Democracy in the American Republic & returning her to the "liberty to abundance" stage of our history. One word descriptions of people's philosophies or purposes are quite often inadequate. I feel that I am "liberal" meaning that I am broad minded, independent, generous, hospitable, & magnanimous. Under these terms "liberal" is a perfectly good word that has been corrupted over the years to mean the person is a left-winger or as Mark Levin more accurately wrote in his book "Liberty & Tyranny" a "statist" - someone looking for government or state control of society. I am certainly not that & have dedicated the blog to fighting this. I believe that I find what I am when I consider whether or not I am a "conservative" & specifically when I ask what is it that I am trying to conserve? It is the libertarian principles that America was founded upon & originally followed. That is the Return To Excellence that this blog is named for & is all about.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

God, Guns, & The Constitution

Thanks to a long time subscriber & frequent contributor for sending this surprising inspirational video re the Second Amendment & its relationship to guns, God, & when Americans will fight back.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Trilogy Shows Need For Americans To Regather Strength

"I wish you all much success, but I will not be participating.  After this past election cycle, I have decided that I am in need of some deserved rest and relaxation from all the political stuff.  I have also curtailed my e-mail access.  Good Luck!"  Sent to me last week by a deeply patriotic friend & FairTax supporter who obviously is worn out & still depressed almost five months after the election.
Counting the above note I received a trilogy of messages one recent day including - below "are links to a 2 part series by a Notre Dame Business School professor.  Many of his points are spot on.  He raises some points you have made on RTE such as the role public education has had in creating the uneducated voter."  The professor is a former Democrat.
Link #1 – begins with "Many Americans are wondering how their country, a supposed 'center-right' nation, reached the point of electing and reelecting the most radical leftist administration in its history."  Covers what readers of this blog know as Citizen Control Points 1 & 2.

Link #2 – excerpts – "If you are old enough, you can remember Democrats such as Ted Kennedy, in their rare candid moments, rhapsodizing that someday, when they could get 50% of the U.S. population plus one receiving a government check of some kind, they would never again lose a national election! The notorious but true 47% cited by Mitt Romney apparently is close enough....So the Democrats have a vested need to keep the poor down. Our permanent welfare class is no accident. Government incentives for people to stay poor may be well-calculated."  Covers Death Of Democracy.

The third message in the trilogy included a clip from the first episode of the HBO program The Newsroom that was originally televised on June 25, 2012.  The clip was sent by our SC businessman along with the note "The following includes use of some four-letter words that might offend some, but it should be heard by all. We must reverse this trend."   This clip & various versions of it have been making their way around the internet.  I replaced the version sent to me & present this one without the obscenities.
So there is our trilogy – 1) a real life message written by a friend who has worked tirelessly for America until the last defeat by BO took the starch out of him (& many others who have written to me), 2) a two part op-ed series written by an ex-Democrat who accurately defines many of our problems thereby offering solutions, & 3) a dramatization of a TV show that makes many points that need to be addressed.
Now we don't know how long it will take the citizenry & particularly people of substance to regather the strength to restore one of God's two great gifts to the world – America; but we do know what it will take to do so – the unleashing of the human spirit in the free enterprise system.  But as Mary O'Grady wrote in August 2006 "... what seems to be tempering the hope of even positive thinkers these days is the growing, sobering realization that the burden of socialism is exceedingly hard to throw off, even when patently obvious that it is the chief culprit producing underdevelopment, poverty, & misery." 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Republican Party Report Contrasts With Club For Growth Website

Shortly before the national Republican Party released a self-critique earlier this week that showed many if not most of their problems going forward The Club For Growth developed an excellent website entitled Primary My Congressman! on which initially nine RINO congressman have been identified that all too often vote against our interest & as such should be voted out of office.  These two presentations are poles apart.
The 100 page Republican Party document describes the party as not inclusive, narrow minded, & unwelcoming on social issues & concludes that Republicans must promote comprehensive immigration reform while reaching out to all minorities & young people.  The report also focused on ways to improve delivery of the party's message & copying most of the community organizing techniques used by the Democrats in 2008 & 2012.  In brief, the report recommends that Republicans act even more like Democrats than the do already. 
Instead of focusing on better ways to deliver the Republican message why not focus on the message itself & people who can naturally deliver it?  After fielding candidates like the two Bushes, Dole, McCain, & Romney for a quarter of a century it is little progress to issue such a report.  The question is has the citizenry slid so far into government dependency during this time, thanks to both parties, that it is too late for a candidate with the principles of limited government, self-responsibility & free enterprise to appeal to Hispanics, Asians, homosexuals, young single women, & blacks without the country deteriorating farther?
The one thing the report did get right was to say that "it will be increasingly difficult for Republicans to win another presidential election in the near future" -  a position I have held since GW Bush won in 2004.
Contrast the above Republican report with the Club for Growth website selecting & targeting nine RINOs, for starters, by recognizing dozens of districts that were easily carried by Mitt in 2012 but whose respective congressmen would not be considered financially responsible by a child running a lemonade stand.  Detailed reasons for rejection are provided for each congressman on the website but they can be summed up by saying these RINOs joined Democrats numerous times to pass irresponsible legislation & as such certainly would not follow the growth part of the Club's name.  See for yourself just how bad they are by clicking on the website.
For those in this readership who are disgusted with Congress & the establishment Republican Party this website is a gold mine of both information & steps of action that can be taken to start a Primary process against your own congressman.
The Club for Growth was founded in 1999 by Steve Moore (& others) & a recent president of the Club was current Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey.  One of the main functions of the Club is to endorse and raise money for financially responsible candidates – like $5.5 million for Ted Cruz & $2.0 million for Jeff Flake – who both won in November & are now off to excellent starts as U.S. senators.  The Club has also supported Senators Jim DeMint (SC), Marco Rubio (FL), Rand Paul (KY), Tom Coburn (OK), Mike Lee (UT), Tim Scott (SC), & Ron Johnson (WI).
But the referenced website focuses on House Republicans who vote with Democrats to grow government & raise taxes thereby impeding economic growth.  One of the main points of the website is that there is no reason for a heavily Republican district to be represented by a RINO.  A good theme so have fun with it.
Also included on the website is the Club for Growth's Congressional Scorecard (shows both congressmen's & senators' scores over several years & provides the ability to call up entire state-delegations' records) which rates every elected rep from first to last.  Specific identification, not generalities, is a theme RTE encourages.
Only 39 members of Congress have lifetime scores of 90% or above on their voting records relating to economic freedom and pro-growth policy.  About the same as NTU & AFP.
Very disturbing on the 2012 Scorecard is House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's ranking of 151 with a score of 66%, House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy's ranking of 147 with a 66% score, & House Ways & Means Chairman Dave Camp's ranking of 165 with a 64% score.  These are examples of establishment Republicans that have got to go before they do more damage than they have done already.  How in the world do you think you will ever get significant tax reform with a W&M Chairman ranked that low?
But the worst is Paul Ryan – ranked 128 in 2012 with a 71% score.  Even before the 2012 campaign I posted time after time that Ryan's reputation as a financially responsible congressman was overrated.  For instance on July 28, 2011 I posted "'Rep. Ryan voted for TARP, felt the free market had failed when he chose to replace it with bureaucratic central planning (against competition) by supporting the taxpayer bailout of GM & Chrysler, voted for the 2008 Bush Stimulus bill, supported ethanol subsidies agreeing with the December 2010 tax deal with BO, & has also voted to support the confiscatory tax on AIG bonuses.'  I also reported some Ryan votes that went against control of the debt ceiling & the CR & against his own budget re student loan interest rates.  In essence Ryan kicked the can down the road on many occasions.  Hardly a Jeff Flake or Jim DeMint" who both have lifetime 100% scores from the Club.
With this record & his latest fraudulent budget proposal I wouldn't be surprised to see Ryan himself facing a Primary challenge in 2014.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Default, Insolvent, Bankrupt, & Defunct

"Putting the debt on a sustainable path will ultimately require increases in taxes or cuts in government benefits or services for people who consider themselves to be in the middle class."  Douglas Elmendorf – director of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) earlier this month
click on graph to enlarge
Since large government projects always wind up with the middle class paying for them you can imagine how I feel when far too many people I know naively tell me that they "have nothing to do with politics" – if they understood the above Elmendorf quote they would realize that politicians have plenty to do with them from trying to outlaw the size of drinks they can buy, to not allowing drinking water in public containers on Somerset County golf courses, & now they hear that all this debt & budget mumbo jumbo will affect them.  Hard to go bowling tonight & enjoy it with this in the back of your mind isn't it?
For the first time in nearly four years, the Senate Democrat Majority (led by Patty Murray - WA) produced a budget proposal this past week.  This budget does not ever balance, raises taxes by $975 billion over ten years, & mandates another $100 billion in additional economic 'stimulus' funding.  BO, whose own annual budget was due the first Monday in February, immediately endorsed the Senate product.  Source – Congressman Frelinghuysen
In addition the Democrat budget proposal specifies no definitive spending cuts but does make it clear that in general Defense spending will be lowered.  But the key to understanding the Democrat mindset is that their budget document eliminates the sequester cuts that just about every Democrat would do anything to get away from because it is the only game in Washington that will actually reduce some spending – meager as it is over the next ten years.  
The result of both the Ryan Republican House budget introduced earlier in the week & the Murray budget is that spending will increase meaning that government will continue to grow & the government dependent mindset will not even start to be changed let alone reversed.  The sequester is the only mechanism going that gives us a chance @ a needed mindset change.
Now just what are our elected reps supposed to be doing regarding all of this - Article I of the U.S. Constitution grants Congress the power to raise money for the Treasury, to pay the country's obligations enumerated in the Constitution, & from time to time to publish statements of all financial transactions.  Specifically the Congressional Budget Act of 1974 (CBA) requires Congress & the President to write a budget each year.  BO's proposal for Congress's consideration was due on February 4 & is now projected to be delivered the week of April 8.  Congress is directed by the CBA to draft its own proposal & both Chambers are required to agree to a budget resolution by April 15 so that the country has one expression of our governing philosophy.
Now of course it is hard for anyone to remember when anything of this sort happened.  I have to go back to the time after the Revolutionary War when our debt was 40% of the young economy.  Hamilton & Madison, who detested each other, worked for the good of the country & not their personal political agendas to solve this problem to effectively liquidate this debt.  How far we haven't come.
Both the Ryan & Murray budgets are frauds & not just because they make different assumptions over the ten years they each project revenues & spending for but because they both don't address the financial problems we have & yet pretend to do so.
Murray's budget is not worth discussing because it provides few details – it is not even a shadow of what is required because it leaves the spending trajectory right where it would be if Murray did nothing – @ $46,000 billion over the next ten years.
Ryan claims to lower this trajectory to $41,600 billion but it is so filled with contradictions & political impossibilities that are absurd.  For instance, Ryan defunds ObamaCare (40% of his total spending reductions) – see all the zeros in Table S-3 below from Ryan's budget plan.  Next Ryan shows a spending reduction of $1,837 billion – see Table S-4 below.  This total defunding will never become law in the next four years meaning that Ryan would have to reduce spending by another $1,837 billion to really balance the budget as he claims his budget does if the rest of it was real – which it is not. 
In addition, following the goal of preparing a balanced budget Ryan keeps $716 billion of make-believe Medicare cuts in payments to doctors, hospitals, & drug companies (like he wanted to do in the campaign before Mitt overruled him) that are part of ObamaCare as well as other tax increases that are part of the law.  Congress always goes for the "docs fix" @ the last minute so the Medicare cuts won't happen either.  Ryan also keeps the $600 billion that made up the fiscal cliff tax deal on New Year's night.  At least Ryan does not eliminate the sequester cuts like Murray does.
Another part of this current disingenuous Republican House financial story is that when they recently voted to extend the Continuing Resolution (CR) that funds many government agencies they did not touch the administrative parts of ObamaCare that they really could have defunded.  Very sad indeed how they play us for fools – but then again it is only because we let them & actually encourage them.
In summary there is not enough difference between Ryan's & Murray's budget plans for either of them to help us.  Some of the savings they both are finding are figuratively tantamount to things like calling a spending cut money left over from the 2010 census or finding money in a drawer that was not spent on the Spanish-American war. 
Republicans will make a big mistake if they enter into a grand bargain deficit reduction deal with BO because it will result in no change or business as usual including letting BO off the one hook he has fastened onto – namely the sequester, which remains our best chance of effecting a national mindset change.  By now you would think Republicans would know they can't negotiate with BO because his agenda is not one of helping America but rather transforming America to a one party socialist nation for starters.
To help our country 1) the entitlement mindset has to be changed & 2) the entitlement cost curves have to be bent down.  Both of these goals can be accomplished by implementing a premium support plan not indexed for inflation for Medicare & by changing the determination of the initial benefit to one based on the CPI instead of the average real wage index for Social Security.
Absent the above entitlement fixes, implementation of Ken Blackwell's Cut, Cap, & Balance plan, & enactment of the FairTax the effects shown on the above graph will soon be felt if they aren't already – i.e., the entitlements & interest on the national debt will crowd out all other government programs like Defense as year after year the red bar keeps getting closer & closer to the horizontal dotted line.  As this continues the citizenry in our apathetic society who think they have nothing to do with politics will one by one become familiar with the meaning of the terms default, insolvent, bankrupt, & defunct.  
click on tables to enlarge

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Why We Are Losing Our Constitutional Republic

BO has long been a master @ appearing reasonable, believable, & innocent when he blames Republicans for disastrous things that really are purposely of his making & deliberate design.   The sequester spending cuts are the latest in this long line although this time he is having to squirm because some people are beginning to understand that the sequester was his idea, he signed it into law, & all the Republicans have to do is nothing for it to continue for the next nine years.


For proof of this all we have to do is look @ BO's sudden courting of Members of Congress (dinners, lunches, & meetings) after ignoring these people for his entire first term.  BO wants to negotiate a grand bargain which should be resisted because it will inevitably reverse the spending discipline of the sequester & once again unleash BO to work on his destructive agenda.  At least the sequester, which BO despises for more reasons than one, is slowing him down.


Now all of the budget talk & preparation work is not helping the Republicans.  Ryan is proposing a virtual do-over of the Republican budget plan that was repudiated by the electorate in the 2012 presidential election – so why present it again unless Republicans plan to really explain the benefits this time?


Ryan does have a few good points in his budget plan - he still includes Medicare premium support (although watered down) principles & withholds money from ObamaCare.  Both of these points have to be explained much better.  Suggestion – check applicable RTE postings.


The biggest problem is that Ryan brags that his budget increases spending 3.4% per year as opposed to the current 4.9% increase trajectory.  Ryan's budget will increase spending from the current $28 billion figure to $41 trillion over the next ten years while the current path is to reach $46 trillion over the next ten years.  Either way spending increases & in Ryan's case he left as much spending in his budget as he could in order to reach a balanced budget without raising taxes – this does nothing to solve the nation's spending addiction. 


Ryan's assumption is that the U.S. economy will grow faster than his 3.4% annual spending increases – but the average real GDP growth rate was 1.6% per year since 2001 meaning that the budget will not come into balance unless the economy picks up steam so the net result most likely is that spending will increase & we will still have large annual deficits with an increasing national debt.


Part of how BO wins all of these battles is because he frames the discussion so once the Republicans enter into the fray it is just a matter of how much & how badly they will lose.


In this case it is not the deficit that is important but rather government spending & its claim on earned income.  You will never limit government by increasing it 3.4% year after year.


Another budget related problem Republicans have gotten into is touting that a tax cut must "pay for itself." This foolish position plays right into BO's hands in that it takes for granted that government must remain the gargantuan size that it is or increase so it is very easy for Ryan to increase spending as indicated above.  This position starts with the premise that everything an individual or corporation earns justly belongs to the government who benevolently lets the citizenry keep some portion of what they earn.


As long as these are the type of battles being fought we have lost right out of the box.  In order to turn our economy around we need in the words of Ayn Rand "a separation of economics & state." A separation of economics & state would unleash the free enterprise capitalistic system to create wealth without the encumbrance of government interference which is the menace that is the root cause of our unemployment problem. Fred Charette writes "only entrepreneurs create jobs by risking career & capital to start & build businesses that employ people to make useful things & provide needed services. By contrast, the government ... destroy(s) jobs." But go a step farther to understand why we need unfettered free enterprise to dispel all of the misconceptions about the term "creating jobs": Bill Burbage writes - "no entrepreneur has ever had the objective of 'creating jobs'. (In fact) they constantly seek to eliminate jobs. People go into business to make a profit. If any jobs are created in the process there is no way to avoid it. To create more jobs, the sovereign must remove as many obstacles as he can between the entrepreneur & his ability to make a profit. No other stimulus is necessary. Instead of eliminating the obstacles that already exist, we are preparing to pile on even more with the carbon tax & healthcare reform."


When our elected reps are ready to present ideas like those directly above we will have a chance.  Until then we have to face the uphill battle we are fighting & losing with the current approach of playing BO's game – a very dear friend who I saw earlier this week in Alexandria, Virginia ended our meeting by sadly telling me that "we are losing our constitutional republic."


People of substance are working against an onslaught of propaganda from BO & the Democrats & many Republicans in Congress – they want to expand government & have an immense advantage in that their positions appear friendly, humane, & immediately helpful to the "have-nots" that BO, Jackson, Sharpton, & others pretend to be concerned about.  Until people realize that societies only grow @ healthy rates when everyone works creating products or performing services of value that other people want & will pay for BO will be in the position of power described hereinbefore.



Friday, March 8, 2013

Sequester Provides The Catalyst For Needed Mindset Change

"I think we are derelict in our responsibilities to ignore the realities of entitlements. It is impossible to say we are defenders of Medicare & ignore the looming deadline of 11 or 12 years when it is going to be insolvent. We're not defenders. We're basically standing by & watching its demise." Illinois Senator Dick Durbin - last week
The above quote from Senator Durbin paraphrases a portion of FairTax presentations I make @ Tea Party rallies re the inhumane way our elected reps are letting Social Security & Medicare cruise to higher altitudes on automatic pilot before these programs run out of gas – "So what's not for seniors to like – except that these programs are not financially sustainable? How unkind is it for our elected reps to let this continue until total collapse of the programs? It is the elderly & people over 55 who are dependent on these programs who will be hurt the most when the programs collapse. Just what will these people do then?"
 click on graph to enlarge

Sequester cuts of federal government spending began on March 1 – a total of $85 billion of cuts in FY 2013 that ends on September 30 will be made as a first installment of the ten year sequester program. Over the past week it has become very obvious that there are different priorities regarding how to make these cuts.


Please contrast the following two approaches concerning implementing the sequester with regard to the best interest of the country: 1) On February 26 Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn wrote a letter to the White House Office Of Management & Budget detailing 1,362 programs accounting for $364.5 billion in federal spending every year that could consolidate duplicative, overlapping, & nearly identical jobs; & 2) BO canceled visitor tours of the White House during Spring break – he forgot that the tours are conducted by unpaid volunteers & that Eric Bolling & Sean Hannity have each offered to pay for whatever costs are incurred for a week of tours out of their own pockets.


The salutation of Senator Coburn's letter illustrates just how disinterested BO is in economic budget matters – the letter was addressed to the current Deputy Director of OMB because there has not been a Senate-confirmed Director of OMB for over thirteen months.  Click here to read Senator Coburn's letter & be sure to scroll down to the bottom to see the list of programs just to get an idea of the nonsensical waste we the taxpayers foot the bill for each year.


BO's infantile games like canceling White House tours will continue until enough people see through his approach to make the sequester cuts as obnoxious, inconvenient, & hurtful as possible.  All of BO's overstating of the sequester's severity & now backpedaling on this may be putting a crack in BO's armor with some people – his approval rating has fallen below 50% with Reuters showing him @ 43%. 


The sequester remains our best chance to force some degree of financial responsibility on our elected reps.  This first round of $85 billion of across the board federal spending cuts in FY 2013 will be followed by a second round of $110 billion in cuts in FY 2014, & so on until the originally agreed upon $1,200 billion in cuts have been made.  Unfortunately while the sequester cuts are being made federal spending will increase by $7,000 billion in the next ten years so there is no real absolute spending reduction @ all.


Now no one can relate to the unfathomable magnitude of these numbers, but as dangerous as they sound they are still just a small part of the overall problem.  There are tens of trillions of dollars of unfunded Medicare & Social Security liabilities that never appear on the government's balance sheet – these are the realities of entitlements that Senator Durbin says the Congress is derelict in addressing – & he is so right.  The trillions of dollars involved is so large that it can only be paid off by the government purposely debasing the currency meaning it will take a wheelbarrow full of near worthless dollars to buy a loaf of bread or a postage stamp.  This will be reminiscent of 1775 when the paper money issued by the Continental Congress became "not worth a continental" – in fifteen years that paper currency lost 99% of its face value thereby prompting the gold & silver clause of the U.S. Constitution. 


But the implementation of the sequester, small as it is, can possibly effect an all important change in mindset for our elected reps as well as the citizenry.  Let's get our elected reps thinking about & actually performing some budget restraint even @ this lowly sequester level.  We must work up to the position Senator Durbin enunciated above regarding entitlements – the current entitlement liabilities (over the next ten years) along with interest on the national debt represents about 60% of federal spending – the sequester cuts are limited to programs in the other 40%.  The tens of trillions of dollars of unfunded entitlement liabilities are over & above these amounts. 


The above graph shows the problem with an aging America. Read it carefully.


Trying to actually make the sequester work by following the lead of Senator Coburn to effect meaningful cuts that will begin to reduce the size of government & its claims on earned income is the bedrock start that is needed.  In this sense the sequester is the spark or catalyst needed to change the American mindset.


This limiting of government may take hold & instead of small sequester cuts we could eliminate, off the top of my head,  the Departments of Health & Human Services, Education, Commerce, Agriculture, Transportation, HUD, the EPA, the National Endowment of the Arts, & the National Endowment of Humanities.


But even the elimination of all of these departments will not solve our gargantuan entitlement problem.  As RTE has pointed out several times the Medicare problem can be solved by going to a premium support system, preferably not indexed for inflation, & the Social Security problem can be solved by changing the determination of the initial benefit to one based on the CPI instead of the average real wage index. See Four Points Highlight The Needed Change In Mindset for complete details.  Please note how even the timid Ryan price indexing curve shown on this posting (bottom curve) bends down over time making premium support an extremely humane transfer away from the current Medicare system while returning to America's youth so much of the liberty that has been lost.


And there is one other thing we could do right away – like in the next five minutes. Replace the progressive income tax system with the FairTax.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

With Organizing For Action - It's Later Than We Think

"Too early in the game to make definitive statements" was one of a very diversified number of responses I received about The First Woman President post.  Actually it is later than we think when you consider the following modern Democrat Party Alinsky method community organizing campaign tactics:
1.  Right after his victory speech on election night 2012 BO called Pelosi to discuss the 2014 campaign & in particular how to win back the House for Democrats – source Washington Post.  Every day it becomes more obvious that BO's most important agenda item is returning Pelosi as Speaker so that his last two years in office will go completely unchecked.
2.  An even worse example is the fact that after the 2008 campaign BO never shut down some of his campaign offices in battleground states like Ohio.  Right after the 2012 election I heard BO Campaign Manager Jim Messina explain the tremendous advantage BO had in Ohio over Romney, where BO maintained an office for over five years compared to the Romney staff showing up a very few months before the election.  In this sense BO's campaign never ended & it is continuing even today – see point #3 below.
3.  Messina is now in charge of building up Organizing For Action (OAF), an extensive nonprofit network of outside groups and consulting firms with one goal: promoting BO's agenda beyond the next four years.  The idea is to create & maintain an influence across America in support of BO's policies.  OAF's goal is to transform BO's re-election campaign into a grassroots machine to support his initiatives.  In its early stages, the group is raising millions from big and small donors alike and whipping up support for issues like gun control and comprehensive immigration reform.  As of today it is hard to say where OAF ends and the White House starts.  The group controls BO's massive email list and also his campaign Twitter account, which has more than 27 million followers and frequently tweets links to his government website.
The following is from an OAF website – "Our work didn't end on Election Day.  Organizing for Action will support the legislative agenda we voted on, train the next generation of grassroots organizers and leaders, and organize around local issues in our communities."

Here is an OAF video.  Please note who presents the video if you think it is too early to start an opposition ground game.  It is later than we think.

Thanks also to a great contributor to these messages who wrote as follows concerning The First Woman President post:

"Doug - congrats you have totally mastered the Alinsky mindset. Yes it is exactly controlling people and winning elections. With Hillary controlled and with MO promoted with media that is BO propaganda machine, MO may very well be 1st woman President. And BO may then control her behind the scenes. This is a nightmare. Republicans or a 3rd party wake up. Learn Alinsky tactics inside & out or consult with Doug."
Please reverse the question - what if it is MO (& Valerie Jarrett) who has really been controlling BO behind the scenes all along?  

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The First Woman President

click on photo to enlarge
The February 3 posting entitled Jim DeMint's Thirty identified a strong group of senators who continued to stick together during the start of the sequester cuts on March 1.  Add to this Senate caucus Michele Bachmann, Steve King, & Tim Huelskamp from the House as well as governors Sam Brownback, Mike Pence, & Scott Walker & you have an excellent array of people to consider for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.  Governors Chris Christie (NJ) & Bob McDonnell (VA) have squandered any chance for the nomination they may ever have had.
Now we all know that Hillary thought it was her turn in 2008, not just for the Democrat nomination but for the presidency, but after she lost the Iowa caucuses to BO she cried before winning the NH primary but BO coasted to victory.
Hillary soldiered on & continued her hard work by putting in four years as Secretary of State spending more time @ thirty thousand feet than she did on the ground.  I don't know any Secretary of State who visited more foreign countries than Hillary.
Especially early on in 2009 I had the feeling BO was sending her on wild goose chases just to get her out of the country while he was pursuing his agenda free of her possible influence.  Once she was no longer identified as a threat to undermine BO's agenda she was allowed to make appearances as a supposedly respected Secretary of State with an unspoken understanding that the way was being paved for Hillary's run for the presidency in 2016 – after all she had more than put in her fair share of time in the trenches & earned it – a quid pro quo with BO.  In addition her husband helped BO's reelection campaign.
Just look @ the above photo to see the fun & admiration they showed for each other in their joint interview on a recent national TV show.  They had so much in common during BO's first term – especially not explaining the four murders in the U.S. diplomatic facility in Benghazi, Libya last September 11.
Now any of the above Republicans will have to make some spectacular inroads with the electorate to have a chance to win the presidency in 2016 because both BO & Hillary are well versed in the Alinsky Method of community organization which is code for controlling people & winning elections.  But all of the current First Lady's publicity is for a reason & Michelle Obama is also an expert in the Alinsky Method & in this case it is Hillary who has been controlled.  Unless one of the above strong Republicans catches on big time or Hillary starts to realize what is happening before she is negatively defined by the Chicago machine MO will be the next president of the United States.