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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Republican Party Report Contrasts With Club For Growth Website

Shortly before the national Republican Party released a self-critique earlier this week that showed many if not most of their problems going forward The Club For Growth developed an excellent website entitled Primary My Congressman! on which initially nine RINO congressman have been identified that all too often vote against our interest & as such should be voted out of office.  These two presentations are poles apart.
The 100 page Republican Party document describes the party as not inclusive, narrow minded, & unwelcoming on social issues & concludes that Republicans must promote comprehensive immigration reform while reaching out to all minorities & young people.  The report also focused on ways to improve delivery of the party's message & copying most of the community organizing techniques used by the Democrats in 2008 & 2012.  In brief, the report recommends that Republicans act even more like Democrats than the do already. 
Instead of focusing on better ways to deliver the Republican message why not focus on the message itself & people who can naturally deliver it?  After fielding candidates like the two Bushes, Dole, McCain, & Romney for a quarter of a century it is little progress to issue such a report.  The question is has the citizenry slid so far into government dependency during this time, thanks to both parties, that it is too late for a candidate with the principles of limited government, self-responsibility & free enterprise to appeal to Hispanics, Asians, homosexuals, young single women, & blacks without the country deteriorating farther?
The one thing the report did get right was to say that "it will be increasingly difficult for Republicans to win another presidential election in the near future" -  a position I have held since GW Bush won in 2004.
Contrast the above Republican report with the Club for Growth website selecting & targeting nine RINOs, for starters, by recognizing dozens of districts that were easily carried by Mitt in 2012 but whose respective congressmen would not be considered financially responsible by a child running a lemonade stand.  Detailed reasons for rejection are provided for each congressman on the website but they can be summed up by saying these RINOs joined Democrats numerous times to pass irresponsible legislation & as such certainly would not follow the growth part of the Club's name.  See for yourself just how bad they are by clicking on the website.
For those in this readership who are disgusted with Congress & the establishment Republican Party this website is a gold mine of both information & steps of action that can be taken to start a Primary process against your own congressman.
The Club for Growth was founded in 1999 by Steve Moore (& others) & a recent president of the Club was current Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey.  One of the main functions of the Club is to endorse and raise money for financially responsible candidates – like $5.5 million for Ted Cruz & $2.0 million for Jeff Flake – who both won in November & are now off to excellent starts as U.S. senators.  The Club has also supported Senators Jim DeMint (SC), Marco Rubio (FL), Rand Paul (KY), Tom Coburn (OK), Mike Lee (UT), Tim Scott (SC), & Ron Johnson (WI).
But the referenced website focuses on House Republicans who vote with Democrats to grow government & raise taxes thereby impeding economic growth.  One of the main points of the website is that there is no reason for a heavily Republican district to be represented by a RINO.  A good theme so have fun with it.
Also included on the website is the Club for Growth's Congressional Scorecard (shows both congressmen's & senators' scores over several years & provides the ability to call up entire state-delegations' records) which rates every elected rep from first to last.  Specific identification, not generalities, is a theme RTE encourages.
Only 39 members of Congress have lifetime scores of 90% or above on their voting records relating to economic freedom and pro-growth policy.  About the same as NTU & AFP.
Very disturbing on the 2012 Scorecard is House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's ranking of 151 with a score of 66%, House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy's ranking of 147 with a 66% score, & House Ways & Means Chairman Dave Camp's ranking of 165 with a 64% score.  These are examples of establishment Republicans that have got to go before they do more damage than they have done already.  How in the world do you think you will ever get significant tax reform with a W&M Chairman ranked that low?
But the worst is Paul Ryan – ranked 128 in 2012 with a 71% score.  Even before the 2012 campaign I posted time after time that Ryan's reputation as a financially responsible congressman was overrated.  For instance on July 28, 2011 I posted "'Rep. Ryan voted for TARP, felt the free market had failed when he chose to replace it with bureaucratic central planning (against competition) by supporting the taxpayer bailout of GM & Chrysler, voted for the 2008 Bush Stimulus bill, supported ethanol subsidies agreeing with the December 2010 tax deal with BO, & has also voted to support the confiscatory tax on AIG bonuses.'  I also reported some Ryan votes that went against control of the debt ceiling & the CR & against his own budget re student loan interest rates.  In essence Ryan kicked the can down the road on many occasions.  Hardly a Jeff Flake or Jim DeMint" who both have lifetime 100% scores from the Club.
With this record & his latest fraudulent budget proposal I wouldn't be surprised to see Ryan himself facing a Primary challenge in 2014.

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  1. Doug - In the words of John P. Ginty, 2006 NJ Republican Candidate for US Senate, “Nothing gets their attention like a primary challenge.”