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In writing the "About Me" portion of this blog I thought about the purpose of the blog - namely, preventing the growth of Socialism & stopping the Death Of Democracy in the American Republic & returning her to the "liberty to abundance" stage of our history. One word descriptions of people's philosophies or purposes are quite often inadequate. I feel that I am "liberal" meaning that I am broad minded, independent, generous, hospitable, & magnanimous. Under these terms "liberal" is a perfectly good word that has been corrupted over the years to mean the person is a left-winger or as Mark Levin more accurately wrote in his book "Liberty & Tyranny" a "statist" - someone looking for government or state control of society. I am certainly not that & have dedicated the blog to fighting this. I believe that I find what I am when I consider whether or not I am a "conservative" & specifically when I ask what is it that I am trying to conserve? It is the libertarian principles that America was founded upon & originally followed. That is the Return To Excellence that this blog is named for & is all about.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Taking Action - Heat-Related Illnesses

Thanks to the Somerville Office Of Emergency Management for sending excessive heat warning information so that proper action can be taken if the signs of heat-related illness appear – temperatures are expected to be very high this coming week on the east coast.  Naturally keeping hydrated & resting in the coolest place you can find are good precautions.
I often think, especially this time of year, of the almost 15,000 heat-related deaths in France in 2003 & of course last winter Carol & I witnessed a man's death – this prompted me to read the graphic below more closely than times I had seen it before. 
click on graphic to enlarge


  1. Stay inside, unless Kerry takes away the refrigerant in the air conditioner.

  2. Thanks for the update on new CPR - I forwarded it to Jerry's email and few others.

  3. Doug - Thanks for the reminder on how to know the difference between heat exhaustion and heat stroke. I had the unlucky experience of heat exhaustion as a teenager at Coney Island. I always took precautions to prevent it after that.